PICTURE A BEAUTIFUL AWNING accenting your deck or patio while providing protection from the sun on those hot days.At the touch of a button or turn of a crank, your interior living space expands, providing you with a cool, comfortable shaded patio or deck under your new awning.  Awnings provide beauty and sun protection without the unsightly retractable awning frame work and costly seasonal maintenance of a permanent frame patio awning or deck awning.

Call for an Estimate NOW! 

860 872-9187

Call for an Estimate NOW! 

860 872-9187

Retractable Awnings Options:


Manually Operated

hundreds of Custom Fabrics

Wind & Rain Packages

Drop Valances

Wind Sensors

Frame Colors

Remote Controls

Cross Arms


Stationary Patio Covers also Available 

The Traditional Stationary fabric Patio Cover is not retractable.   These Patio awnings will turn your deck, 

terrace or patio into a shaded living space while protecting your furnishings from harmful UV rays and you can enjoy your outdoor season to it's fullest.  These products are custom made and come in a spectrum of colors.  

Removable supports on Eastern Sunlfexx.                       Outriggers on a Sunair Awnings System.

Other Options Available.

Retractable Window Awning:

Retractable window awning can be lowered to any position to provide as little or as much sun and light as you  would like.  This awning rolls up into it's own self stroing hood.  This can be mortorized or manually operated.  

Retractable Awnings are completely self storing, eliminating the need for costly seasonal removal and storage.  These awnings are ideal for decks and patios and can be mounted on the wall or roof of additional headroom.

RELAX in the Sun or Shade. These awnings quickly and easily move in or out.

These beautiful awnings will enhance your outdoor living area and add value to your home.   We feature only 100% solution dyed fabrics which are know for their durability against fading and mildew, such as:  Sunbrella, Para, Sattler and many more.       Hundreds of colors and fabrics designs are available.

SAVE up to $600.00 on Sunair Retractable Awning! 

       Order now!     Protect your home, inside and outside from the Sun's harmful rays!                                                                          Call now for Your Estimate!!

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Pergola® retractable fabric roof awnings
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Metal Louvred Pergola

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